Monthly Archives: April 2010

‘Greenovations’ steer course for sustainability

On April 28, 2010, more than 100 students, educators, and business leaders gathered at Hult International Business School in Cambridge to celebrate the publication of “Greenovate!” – a collection of more than 50 brief, information-packed business cases about organizations from around the world that are working right now to address the challenge of creating more […]

Our think tank on thinking

Like many global executives, Imaginatik CEO Mark Turrell was trapped in Europe during the volcano ash drama-ette in April, spending several extra days in London. Never one to let a little setback get him down, he decided to experiment with a new idea for Imaginatik: Think Tanks. A think tank is usually defined as an […]

Innovation in social media: RIMS 2010

You don’t get to be in business 128 years without drive, motivation, and perhaps most importantly, innovation. These qualities have kept insurance giant Chubb at the top of its game for more than a hundred years, but it’s not satisfied to rest on past successes. This thinking is what brought Chubb Chief Innovation Officer Jon […]

The crossroads of innovation

Today at Innovate On Purpose, blogger Jeffrey Philips talks to Imaginatik about where innovation is headed – science or side show? He says innovation practitioners in general have to do two things to make it a science: Demonstrate that our tools have real value (see how here) and our buyers and business partners must understand […]

Necessity: The mother of mobile innovation

Are companies’ best innovations always created in a cubicle or boardroom? Probably not. They strike at any time – the shower, on the way to work – and usually when people least expect it. Imaginatik recently developed a module for its Collective Intelligence software solution, Idea Central, that is designed for easier access and interaction […]

The pitfalls of top-down innovation

Innovate on Purpose blogger Jeffrey Phillips suggests there are several reasons the big ideas of upper management don’t always trickle down to the folks on the ground who are responsible for the actual work. Among the ideas: Most senior executives aren’t innovators themselves. Most senior executives grew through the organization and moved up by being […]