Social media wins, and a case study to match

Today at Fast Company, blogger Drew Neisser tells the story of one tiny marketing team with a tiny budget that was able to develop some “game-changing steps to social media innovation” with myPlanNet.

From a marketing perspective, it is easy to say “We’ve generated returns from our social media initiative” when the cost to engage in these technologies is zero. But even with a little data mining one can easily track returns.

As Google searches pop out more detailed information about a company (incorporating its Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook profiles in addition to its homepage), buyers are now able to uncover much more information about a company than they used to with traditional marketing. The companies that embrace these technologies can better decide how to use them to their benefit in reaching their audience, and possibly save money in the process (Take LinkedIn, for example, as it replaces HR, or recruitment firms at the very least).

The truth is, it’s still early to tell what long-term ROI exists in social media. Are we ready to say it has fundamentally changed how everyone must do business, or are we still in a grace period of wait-and-see? I’d like to answer that question before we decide whether myPlanNet is leading a social media movement.

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