Monthly Archives: July 2010

Applying new ideas to old problems

In many towns and cities, day-to-day decisions are made by employees entrusted with overseeing the millions of dollars residents contribute to making sure their water is clean, their roads are paved or clear of snow, and their schools are staffed with the best educators available. These decisions are often made with little direct oversight by […]

Weekend innovation wrapup

Some interesting innovation articles posted over the weekend: Visa develops a credit card with a keyboard built in to help deter theft Is the Internet making us smart, or stupid? How you view innovation can depend on whether you’re American or European. A Washington Post columnist says Americans can respond well to reasonable regulation, and […]

Innovation chat summarized

Below you’ll find the World Innovation Forum’s recap of our Collective Intelligence luncheon featuring innovation expert and author Rowan Gibson, Chubb Chief Innovation Officer Jon Bidwell, and Jeff Pierce, senior principal engineer at Pitney Bowes. You can see our own recap here.

In innovation, do not fear failure

Innovation involves a certain amount of trial and error. The companies that are best at it can mitigate how often they err, yet in the end experimenting can lead to big breakthroughs. Encourage risks and allow for a certain amount of mistakes – even the biggest mistakes can lead to some positive results down the […]

Innovation Perspectives: Three steps

Want to get innovating right away? Last week we talked about the ways in which a non-innovative company can become more innovative. Visit Blogging Innovation for more perspectives. Innovation journeys can begin by asking yourself one question: Where do I want to be? You can add all sorts of caveats to that (Where do I […]