Monthly Archives: August 2010

“Overfunding” your innovation program

When it comes to idea management, finding the gold coin is never this easy. Harvard University professor Clayton Christensen says in a recent Newsweek interview that startup companies’ first strategies are almost always wrong, and an overfunded startup can prolong those false assumptions because “the founders can assume that they’re right for quite a while […]

The wild frontiers of open innovation

Panning for innovation gold: Know when to seek out another stream Every now and again I meet one of those fantastic companies that was born from an entrepreneur. They had a great innovation some time ago, which they capitalized on, and the company grew quite rapidly. Further innovations followed as opportunities continued to be observed […]

Getting the innovation model right

Successful enterprise innovation required the correct Form of innovation and organization to achieve the desired substantive results. By working as a team to answer ten critical questions, your enterprise is more likely to achieve success in 2010 and 2011.

Creating passion for someone else’s idea

Putting heads together around one person’s idea requires a coalition of the willing. Collaboration relies on people’s willingness to work on original ideas for which they don’t claim credit. Without the inherent feeling of ownership over the original idea, how do you then build the enthusiasm of a team to carry one idea forward? A […]

Lessons on Google Wave

When Google Wave was launched, I was pretty excited – the massive tech giant was venturing into social collaboration tools, it was bound to be great! But, I remember signing in for the first time, and thinking, “This looks cool, oooh, nice features … but, what exactly am I going to do with it”? I […]

Innovating in times of austerity

The innovation dimensions: Where should you be innovating? In these times of austerity we need to focus on the innovation dimensions that matter to us. For some, this will still be all about the big breakthroughs, particularly those in the Consumer Goods industry.  For everyone, we need to focus on other key areas and balance […]

IBM study: A less complex business future

We occupy a world that is connected on multiple dimensions, and at a deep level—a global system of systems. That means, among other things, that it is subject to systems-level failures, which require systems-level thinking about the effectiveness of its physical and digital infrastructures. So begins IBM’s recent report on a recent study of more […]

Defining Innovation

Here’s another favourite question to ask when I meet innovation leaders: What is your definition of Innovation? Take a minute and think of yours before you read on. It’s such a simple and obvious question, but it can be quite revealing about ambitions, alignment, focus and beliefs. There are no right or wrong answers – […]

Trust is Everything in Innovation

Many Global 1,000 organizations are seeking to build a culture of innovation. One terrific place to start is to assess the presence, or absence, of trust between colleagues in the enterprise. Where there is Trust, there is the potential for outrageous innovation.

When you don’t know what you don’t know

Here’s a frequent Catch-22 situation that we encounter: a program manager in a large organization is assigned to or volunteers to drive a collaborative innovation program with a high degree of urgency and expectations. However, he or she has no experience in how to make sure the program will succeed because the manager has never […]

Branding your innovation program

I’ve worked with clients on innovation programs for nearly a decade now, and I often look back over the successes and failures and wonder, what made the difference? There are so many factors involved: classic ones like getting the right sponsor; focusing on specific challenges, inviting the right participants; follow up and visible execution; and […]

Is an “Innovation Index” even possible?

Mark Adkins at the Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) recently suggested creating an “innovation index” to catalog innovation stories and provide a benchmarking tool. The model it would be based on is the Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI), which has been around some 60 years. From the PDMI blog: Let me propose that PDMA spearhead […]