Monthly Archives: January 2011

Continuing the conversation with CSC

Last week, Mark Neff of Computer Sciences Corp. (CSC) walked us through an example of how to partner for success, offering helpful practices along the way that can forge a relationship beneficial to both sides. Here’s a recap of what we learned, including some tips from Mark we couldn’t cover in the Q & A. […]

Innovation Challenges: Right From the Start

Thinking and planning things out before gearing up the execution engine will put collaborative innovation on the right trajectory. We know the risks of rushing into a collaborative innovation project without planning it well – you get disenchanted participants, lost resources and time, inadequate results, loss of confidence in the process, just to name a […]

Not all ideas are created equal

Alex Osborn got it half right. It was Osborn who in 1948 taught us all how to conduct brainstorming sessions, the energetic and fun “divergence” phase of creative problem solving. It is Osborn’s rule to suspend judgment and avoid criticism that is most harped-upon by brainstorming coaches. That guidance may be fair enough in an […]

Hear from the experts at ILF 2011

In the next few weeks leading up to the Innovation Leaders Forum in New York City, many of the innovation leaders speaking at the forum will be sharing their thoughts around the conference theme of “Getting Innovation Right Before Recovery.” Speakers include noted authors Braden Kelley (of Blogging Innovation) and Rowan Gibson. Check back in […]

To be or not to be innovative …

… IS that the question? I was asked this in a roundabout way by an internal innovation team that met some “light resistance” to its efforts from senior leaders.  Like many innovation teams, the building of an internal business case is a rite of passage for anyone wishing to initiate an innovation program in his […]

4 steps to a successful innovation system

What are your company’s leaders doing to champion innovation? Are they visible and designing metrics? Are they setting goals and a framework for how your organization innovates? In the above interview with supply chain blogger Dustin Mattison, hear Sara Husk of Imaginatik’s Innovation Solutions team explain how organizations can set up their innovation systems by providing […]