Monthly Archives: March 2011

Balancing innovation supply & demand

Spreading the “demand” for innovation across all levels of your organization is a tricky balancing act, according to Rowan Gibson. At Blogging Innovation this week, Rowan lays out three  pressure points your company can use for driving innovation demand, including this one: Idea management systems are now becoming much more commonplace inside large companies, and they […]

The three I’s of innovation

Many business blogs will pose the question “what is innovation?” and then descend into an erudite semantic fog. Let’s just answer the question and do so in a way that points forward to responsibilities and actions. First, a general definition: innovation is anything “new and useful.” All three words are essential, and no more. Thus, […]

ILF recap from Braden Kelley

Braden Kelley delivers the keynote speech at the Innovation Leaders Forum in New York last month. At the AMEX Open Forum today, innovation author and strategist Braden Kelley shares his thoughts about the topics and speakers at Imaginatik’s Innovation Leaders Forum last month. Visit the Open Forum to read his recap. Here’s an excerpt: Meanwhile, […]

Innovation and HR: A match made in heaven?

Human Resource Executive Online recently featured a story from The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, which uses Imaginatik’s innovation management tools to tackle weighty topics such as social media presence and brand identity. An excerpt: Indeed, within a year of implementation, and with the assistance of Boston-based technology firm Imaginatik, Chubb’s HR department set up […]