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New paths to innovation in manufacturing

Over the past several years we’ve seen a shift in the innovation efforts of traditional manufacturing companies. While new ideas typically were left to the folks in R&D, that often gave business leaders a bevy of incremental improvements and occasional, often random breakthroughs. That system is hard to manage, and hard to qualify. As more […]

Open Innovation Today: Case study

Howard Smith of CSC presented a case study of his company’s innovation platform, built on Innovation Central, at the Open Innovation Today conference in Sweden this week. In this video he demonstrates how Imaginaik’s platform captures ideas in the “fuzzy front end” of innovation and helps people collaborate to transform those ideas into concepts and […]

Recap: ILF 2012 Boston

Click the images below to see our coverage of the presentations at Innovation Leaders Forum 2012 on March 8 in Boston. For a photo gallery of the day’s events visit this link.

Culture Eats Innovation for Lunch

Mick serves as the lead executive for the Enterprise Research and Innovation team. His USAA experience includes Executive Director for Marketing Innovation and a one-year stint in the CFO’s Enterprise Strategy and Financial Planning group under the “training with industry” program where he transitioned from a loyal member to a USAA evangelist. Click here to […]

Getting Back to Innovation Basics

In this session, Mark Neff of CSC will not only help you when you get back to work but he will also set the stage for possible collaboration going forward in innovation. Click here to view the presentation

Learning to Make Innovation Operational

As a leader of the enterprise-wide Employee Innovation Program at Pitney Bowes, Jeff’s current role is Innovation Architect. In this role he works with senior leaders to engage employees to meet critical business objectives using IdeaNet, a platform to collaborate and apply the “wisdom of the crowds” to innovation. Click here to view the presentation

Sparking Innovation at Medco

Matt Gann moved to Medco Health Solutions in 2007 where he led marketing of the My Rx Choices program – a first-of-its-kind online prescription drug cost comparison tool – before recently transitioning into his role as Crowdsourcing Lead for the company. Click here to view the presentation

Transforming Innovation Leadership

Kim Kitchings is the Vice President of the Corporate Strategy and Program Metrics division at Cotton Inc. In this role, she is responsible for assimilation of global market intelligence to assist in the strategic direction of product development, marketing and evaluation of markets for cotton. Click here to view the presentation

Making Innovation Real

Our keynote speaker is Deb-Mills Scofield. Her consultancy helps organizations create and implement highly actionable, adaptable, measurable, and profitable innovation-based strategic plans. Click here to view the presentation

ILF 2012 kicks off

The Innovation Leaders Forum is about to begin. Check back here throughout the day for live coverage of the event.

Creativity abounds at ILF this week

By Jose Briones The Innovation Leaders Forum is taking place this week on Thursday, March 8 in Boston, MA. While the caliber of speakers alone makes this conference worthwhile to attend, this conference is distinguishing itself from the ocean of new conferences on innovation in several ways: It is encouraging interaction between attendees and speakers prior […]

ILF 2012: A preview

Next Thursday more than 100 innovators from around the world will attend the Innovation Leaders Forum. Imaginatik has hosted these events in Chicago, Washington and New York, but for the first time we’re bringing it home to Boston. We’re partnering with the Fidelity Center for Applied Technology for a fun day of networking, strategy workshops […]