Monthly Archives: April 2012

Find us at FEI 2012 – you could win an iPad

Imaginatik is conducting an innovation maturity survey with organizations throughout the world for an upcoming research paper on trends in innovation. And we’d like your help. If you take the survey at the Front End of Innovation Conference May 15-17 in Orlando, Fla., you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win an iPad 3. […]

Innovation in finance? You bet!

After Lehman Brothers in 2008, “financial innovation” was a dirty word. And perhaps deservedly so. But the public stigma overshadows very real innovation in the industry. Chris Skinner, founder and chair of the Financial Services Club, knows how financial innovation works best. He believes that innovation is crucial for financial firms’ future – and also […]

Innovation is NOT one-size-fits-all

Many companies – far too many – have tried innovation before, and failed. Unfortunately, there is often reluctance to try again. They’ve learned the hard way that innovation is difficult to build into an organization’s culture. Imaginatik’s work often starts by diagnosing what has happened before, to make sure the same mistakes aren’t repeated. There […]