Monthly Archives: August 2012

The War for Innovation: Free webinar, paper

Through innovation, companies and individuals have been able to reach a global scale faster than ever before, which is in turn quickening the pace of innovation.  In this cycle new technologies are arriving with increasing speed, being adopted more quickly, and, in turn, becoming obsolete more quickly. It’s a constant struggle just to keep up, […]

Shifting focus from product to customer

Michael Schrage, a research fellow at MIT’s Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business and author of “Serious Play” and “Shared Minds: The New Technologies of Collaboration,” is considered to be one of the world’s most innovative thought leaders on innovation.  His newest – and first – eBook, “Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?,” […]

Are you Netflix, or Blockbuster?

“Innovation is either an act of inspiration or an act of desperation.” ~ Moises Norena, Global Director of Innovation at Whirlpool. No matter the size or shape of a 21st century company, it needs to always have innovation top of mind. Blockbuster is a great example of what happens when the priority is not there […]

The awesome power of “Thank You”

I sent my mother some flowers for her birthday recently. Being at the opposite side of the country from her means I have to put all my trust and faith in her local florist to deliver the goods, but let’s be honest – Moms appreciate any flowers at any time, and it’s hard to get […]