Making innovation real – free webinar

Making Innovation Real

The demand for innovation is rising. Instead of seeing it as an ad hoc, grassroots effort, business leaders are becoming more engaged in developing innovative practices across their enterprise.
Sara Husk

Today’s business leaders are evolving beyond seeking “crystal ball” solutions in suggestion boxes. They want robust decision-making and portfolio management practices and tools, and the momentum within the business to make innovation real.

Innovation advisor Sara Husk asserts that to gain this momentum, the key is to keep a blend of the CIO, the employees, and the strategy – and use them interdependently. The trick is making that interdependence work.

In this free webinar she will show us how to set up the right work environment for innovation, one that produces real, measurable results. By attending you will learn:

  • How to get out of the stop-and-start innovation rhythm and into a smoother, measurable flow
  • How to fully engage employees throughout their work day
  • The key attributes to model for a culture of innovation

All registrants will receive a link to the recording afterward.


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