Monthly Archives: October 2012

Be the disrupter, not the disrupted

To Saul Kaplan, a business model is “the story of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.” But in today’s world of constant disruption, that static business model could also lead to an organization’s demise. Kaplan is the founder of the Business Innovation Factory and author of “The Business Model Innovation Factory,” which explores […]

COINS-operated innovation?

Paul Hobcraft’s innovation model uses three “horizons” Paul Hobcraft sees open innovation entering a new age, and he hopes a new collaborative network providing a dynamic and definitive reference guide will unlock an “Open Innovation V 2.0” era. His vision, called Collaborative for an Open Innovation System, or Project COINS, involves a virtual interactive community […]

A new reality for enterprise innovation

Get real. That’s what Sara Husk, innovation advisor with Imaginatik, asks today’s organizations to do. In the latest Innovation Masters Series webinar from Imaginatik, Sara asked participants to honestly reflect about the current state of their innovation programs, if one exists. She asked some provocative questions about the ways in which organizations are structuring their […]

Innovating “The Fabric of Our Lives”

The innovation story at Cotton, Incorporated used to be a familiar story – researchers innovated “by the seat of their pants” without a formalized process. Earlier this year we talked to Kristie Browning, a senior textile chemist at Cotton Inc.,about the nonprofit’s efforts in transforming the way it approaches innovation. Through an online collaboration environment […]