Innovating “The Fabric of Our Lives”

The innovation story at Cotton, Incorporated used to be a familiar story – researchers innovated “by the seat of their pants” without a formalized process.

Earlier this year we talked to Kristie Browning, a senior textile chemist at Cotton Inc.,about the nonprofit’s efforts in transforming the way it approaches innovation.

Through an online collaboration environment supported by Innovation Central, Cotton employees have created a “more streamlined, more clear, and more formal” process.  It does what conference room meetings and laundry lists of potential ideas can’t do; innovators can collaborate anywhere, at any time. “Streamlining” is no longer a clichéd catchphrase – it’s a real, measurable facet of Cotton’s corporate culture.

“The Head to Head review process allows us to get through all of these ideas and get people’s input,” Browning said. “Then when we have a list that’s prioritized … we can focus our discussions on the top 10 or 20 ideas, and it’s much more efficient.”

Watch the full Cotton, Inc. case study video below, and visit for ideas on how to transform your business culture into an innovative machine.

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