A new reality for enterprise innovation

Get real.

That’s what Sara Husk, innovation advisor with Imaginatik, asks today’s organizations to do. In the latest Innovation Masters Series webinar from Imaginatik, Sara asked participants to honestly reflect about the current state of their innovation programs, if one exists. She asked some provocative questions about the ways in which organizations are structuring their innovation approaches – and the feedback was surprising.

Sara cited a recent study that revealed the number of companies hiring Chief Innovation Officers is on the rise.  However, those CIOs do not believe they have an effective structure for innovation, and many lack an innovation strategy that takes an enterprise point of view.

A key component of a successful innovation program is the involvement of employees.  To be engaged, Sara says, they must be actively involved in the developing the strategy.  They must also be allowed to practice innovation skills through three different but integrated spaces – mind (an employee’s mindset), physical (places conducive to shared experiences), and virtual (adding speed and global reach by facilitating interaction via the Internet).

The combination of all these elements results in making sustainable, actionable innovation a reality within your organization.

A recording of the webinar is now available. To learn more about Innovation Spaces, download our free thought paper.

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