COINS-operated innovation?

Paul Hobcraft’s innovation model uses three “horizons”

Paul Hobcraft sees open innovation entering a new age, and he hopes a new collaborative network providing a dynamic and definitive reference guide will unlock an “Open Innovation V 2.0” era.

His vision, called Collaborative for an Open Innovation System, or Project COINS, involves a virtual interactive community in which leading open innovation experts could collaborate constantly without having to spend too much time doing so.

He believes that the way to elevate and evolve ideas is by having experts continuously co-creating and sharing their knowledge.  Hobcraft feels this community can only be achieved by breaking down barriers of fear in order to build upon the thoughts of others. An expert’s desire to advance their industry will overcome the fear of someone taking the ideas to competitors.

“As we understand open innovation now, it’s version 1.0,” Hobcraft said.  “Somewhere out there will be open innovation 2.0, which gets rid of uncertainty and gets into collaborative innovation.”

“Open innovation tends to look backward, we need to project forward in thinking,” Hobcraft said.  He cites a ‘Three Horizon Framework” to explain how experts can evolve open innovation and bring it to the next level.  Each “horizon” represents a different way to consider innovative activities.  Horizon 1 is everyday life, what people are currently doing.  Horizon 2 is a space of transition, an uncomfortable space that pushes you to figure out what’s in the future.  Horizon 3 is the desirable future, which Project COINS is meant to facilitate.

Hobcraft believes open innovation “should evolve into an open innovation exchange” requiring requiring both collaborative ideas and recognition.  With an online community of open-innovation visionaries, Hobcraft hopes to develop a new place to share knowledge and practices on a narrow but important segment of the inno-verse. To that end, he next plans on finding the right platform on which Project COINS might forge those expert relationships for Open Innovation 2.0.

More of Hobcraft’s ideas can be found at,, and

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