Upcoming chat covers ‘real’ innovation

A recent Capgemini study said just 30% of today’s Chief Innovation Officers feel they have the necessary structure for innovation. This number could be higher, according to Imaginatik innovation advisor Sara Husk, if they just line up three key components: resources, processes and metrics.

On Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 11 a.m., we’ll explore these elements in a live Twitter chat with Sara for our new “Innovator’s Corner” series.

Sara (@innovationgal) will join us for one hour next week using the hashtag #innocorner. The chat is a continuation of her webinar on “Making Innovation Real” held last month – this is a great opportunity to further explore that theme as you consider your own organizational innovation strategy and goals.

During her webinar, Sara talked about all the aspects of making innovation a reality in any organization.  A few of the main points were the role of the Chief Innovation Officer, developing an innovation program, and employee involvement.

The Chief Innovation Officer is supposed to act as a coach, lead the discussion, and manage leadership.  However, this person needs a sound strategy and organizational structure to ”make innovation real,” Sara says.

A key component of a successful innovation program is the involvement of employees.  To be engaged, Sara says, they must be actively involved in the developing the strategy.  They must also be allowed to practice innovation skills through three different but integrated spaces – mind (an employee’s mindset), physical (places conducive to shared experiences), and virtual (adding speed and global reach by facilitating interaction via the Internet).  The combination of all these elements results in making sustainable, actionable innovation a reality within your organization.

Join us Nov. 28 on Twitter (#innocorner) to keep the conversation going.

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