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Spiraling INTO control

Dr. Jose Briones Dr. Jose Briones builds bridges, the kinds that close gaps when managers are faced with two uncertain ends. Briones is currently the Director of Operations for SpyroTek Performance solutions and specializes in innovation management, product development and ideation.  His approach to innovation comes from experience in R&D, marketing, and business development—a career […]

5 reasons you’re not innovating

Yes, it is important to know what you need to do to innovate effectively.  However, it is equally, if not more important, to know why your innovation techniques might actually be stifling your innovation initiatives. Does it feel like your innovation program isn’t quite living up to expectations or its potential?  The problem might be… […]

Announcing Innovation Cloud @ BEI

Those of us on the conference circuit know the drill. You fly in, meet people, digest content, and have drinks. After several frenetic days of activity, you’re off to the next thing. Hopefully you remember all the people you met, all the stuff you learned…hopefully… It doesn’t have to be this way. Cramming activity into […]

10 things to ask an Innovation Advisor

Embarking on an innovation journey can be difficult without a guide – someone to point you in the right direction, someone who has traveled this road before. Innovation specialists can help shed new light on your organization’s structure and can help inspire new ways of thinking. A fresh perspective can make a world of difference […]

The War for Innovation: Free webinar, paper

Through innovation, companies and individuals have been able to reach a global scale faster than ever before, which is in turn quickening the pace of innovation.  In this cycle new technologies are arriving with increasing speed, being adopted more quickly, and, in turn, becoming obsolete more quickly. It’s a constant struggle just to keep up, […]

Shifting focus from product to customer

Michael Schrage, a research fellow at MIT’s Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business and author of “Serious Play” and “Shared Minds: The New Technologies of Collaboration,” is considered to be one of the world’s most innovative thought leaders on innovation.  His newest – and first – eBook, “Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?,” […]

Innovation Management is an Oxymoron

Jugaad innovation, also known as frugal innovation, is the flexible mindset that embraces the idea of doing more with less.  Most prevalent in the developing markets of China and India, Jugaad innovation is becoming more and more popular in the West, where economic conditions are forcing companies to find more affordable solutions to the problems […]

A new approach to frugal innovation

In today’s difficult economy, organizations cannot rely on the expensive R&D projects they have used for the last few decades. The most successful approaches to innovation are more flexible and more frugal, and embrace the idea of “doing more with less.” One such strategy is “Jugaad” innovation. Navi Radjou is the co-author of “Jugaad Innovation: […]

Join us at BEI; get 25% off admission

From October 9-11, some of the world’s leading innovation minds will come together in Boston for Back End of Innovation 2012.  During this three-day conference, speakers will delve into systematic approaches that will make sure that innovation isn’t just a one-time flash, but an ongoing, systematic business competency. The Summit day (Oct. 9) will focus […]

Managing your audience (Part 2)

You asked all the necessary questions and you know all about your audience.  You have tailored your message to the company culture, its needs, wants, and expectations. You have done everything to prepare for your online collaboration challenge, but you still aren’t getting the results you are looking for.  Why? This week we continue to […]

Managing your audience (Part 1)

When managing an audience in online collaboration challenges, managers and administrators frequently overlook the easy things they can do to improve efficiency and generate better results.  That’s because it’s easy to forget some of the simplest rules of communication and make mistakes that take away from the project’s success. Motivating Your Audience According to Bill […]

Sustaining the flow of innovation

In a recent article for the Harvard Business Review, “Five Ways to Ruin Your Innovation Process,” Rita McGrath says that the number one reason companies “sabotage their own innovation processes without meaning to” is their tendency toward episodic innovation. Too frequently, McGrath says, companies invest time and resources in innovation when they want to expand […]