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Upcoming chat covers ‘real’ innovation

A recent Capgemini study said just 30% of today’s Chief Innovation Officers feel they have the necessary structure for innovation. This number could be higher, according to Imaginatik innovation advisor Sara Husk, if they just line up three key components: resources, processes and metrics. On Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 11 a.m., we’ll explore these elements […]

An innovation champion’s guide to success

So you’ve been appointed as an innovation champion. You’ve been tasked to help form your organization’s innovation strategy, or maybe just help carry it out, or both. Where do you start? The trouble is that innovation doesn’t come in a standard package.  It’s a unique process that must be tailored to your company’s goals in […]

A new reality for enterprise innovation

Get real. That’s what Sara Husk, innovation advisor with Imaginatik, asks today’s organizations to do. In the latest Innovation Masters Series webinar from Imaginatik, Sara asked participants to honestly reflect about the current state of their innovation programs, if one exists. She asked some provocative questions about the ways in which organizations are structuring their […]

Innovating “The Fabric of Our Lives”

The innovation story at Cotton, Incorporated used to be a familiar story – researchers innovated “by the seat of their pants” without a formalized process. Earlier this year we talked to Kristie Browning, a senior textile chemist at Cotton Inc.,about the nonprofit’s efforts in transforming the way it approaches innovation. Through an online collaboration environment […]

5 reasons you’re not innovating

Yes, it is important to know what you need to do to innovate effectively.  However, it is equally, if not more important, to know why your innovation techniques might actually be stifling your innovation initiatives. Does it feel like your innovation program isn’t quite living up to expectations or its potential?  The problem might be… […]

10 things to ask an Innovation Advisor

Embarking on an innovation journey can be difficult without a guide – someone to point you in the right direction, someone who has traveled this road before. Innovation specialists can help shed new light on your organization’s structure and can help inspire new ways of thinking. A fresh perspective can make a world of difference […]

The awesome power of “Thank You”

I sent my mother some flowers for her birthday recently. Being at the opposite side of the country from her means I have to put all my trust and faith in her local florist to deliver the goods, but let’s be honest – Moms appreciate any flowers at any time, and it’s hard to get […]

Managing your audience (Part 2)

You asked all the necessary questions and you know all about your audience.  You have tailored your message to the company culture, its needs, wants, and expectations. You have done everything to prepare for your online collaboration challenge, but you still aren’t getting the results you are looking for.  Why? This week we continue to […]

What to do with the innovation leftovers

We see ideation challenges generate a lot of high-quality ideas for companies. And we see companies toss the ideas they can’t use. We also see companies save ideas for later – the suggestions or collaborations that may be useful one day but don’t quite fit the problem they’re trying to address now. These “leftovers” have […]

Defending against the Innovation Killers

We talk so much about how to spread and grow innovation, but what kills innovation? What attitudes might hamper its progress? When it comes time to align your people and begin exploring new ways of creative thinking, you have to think along both fronts: What will our audience respond to, and what might turn them […]

Innovation and HR: A match made in heaven?

Human Resource Executive Online recently featured a story from The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, which uses Imaginatik’s innovation management tools to tackle weighty topics such as social media presence and brand identity. An excerpt: Indeed, within a year of implementation, and with the assistance of Boston-based technology firm Imaginatik, Chubb’s HR department set up […]

How to build your innovation capability

By Rowan Gibson When I go into a large company, one of the first questions I usually ask is this: Does your organization have a worldwide innovation infrastructure where anyone, anywhere can get access to the cash, the talent, and the management support they need to turn their ideas into market success stories? No prizes […]