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An innovation champion’s guide to success

So you’ve been appointed as an innovation champion. You’ve been tasked to help form your organization’s innovation strategy, or maybe just help carry it out, or both. Where do you start? The trouble is that innovation doesn’t come in a standard package.  It’s a unique process that must be tailored to your company’s goals in […]

Innovating “The Fabric of Our Lives”

The innovation story at Cotton, Incorporated used to be a familiar story – researchers innovated “by the seat of their pants” without a formalized process. Earlier this year we talked to Kristie Browning, a senior textile chemist at Cotton Inc.,about the nonprofit’s efforts in transforming the way it approaches innovation. Through an online collaboration environment […]

5 reasons you’re not innovating

Yes, it is important to know what you need to do to innovate effectively.  However, it is equally, if not more important, to know why your innovation techniques might actually be stifling your innovation initiatives. Does it feel like your innovation program isn’t quite living up to expectations or its potential?  The problem might be… […]

Announcing Innovation Cloud @ BEI

Those of us on the conference circuit know the drill. You fly in, meet people, digest content, and have drinks. After several frenetic days of activity, you’re off to the next thing. Hopefully you remember all the people you met, all the stuff you learned…hopefully… It doesn’t have to be this way. Cramming activity into […]

Shifting focus from product to customer

Michael Schrage, a research fellow at MIT’s Sloan School’s Center for Digital Business and author of “Serious Play” and “Shared Minds: The New Technologies of Collaboration,” is considered to be one of the world’s most innovative thought leaders on innovation.  His newest – and first – eBook, “Who Do You Want Your Customers to Become?,” […]

What to do with the innovation leftovers

We see ideation challenges generate a lot of high-quality ideas for companies. And we see companies toss the ideas they can’t use. We also see companies save ideas for later – the suggestions or collaborations that may be useful one day but don’t quite fit the problem they’re trying to address now. These “leftovers” have […]

Find us at FEI 2012 – you could win an iPad

Imaginatik is conducting an innovation maturity survey with organizations throughout the world for an upcoming research paper on trends in innovation. And we’d like your help. If you take the survey at the Front End of Innovation Conference May 15-17 in Orlando, Fla., you’ll automatically be entered in a drawing to win an iPad 3. […]

Open Innovation Today: Case study

Howard Smith of CSC presented a case study of his company’s innovation platform, built on Innovation Central, at the Open Innovation Today conference in Sweden this week. In this video he demonstrates how Imaginaik’s platform captures ideas in the “fuzzy front end” of innovation and helps people collaborate to transform those ideas into concepts and […]

Learn to master enterprise change

In many organizations the responsibility of making broad changes often falls to one small silo or department. When it doesn’t work, business leaders are often left wondering why that change didn’t catch on elsewhere. Sweeping improvements to processes and products – the kinds of changes that bring about some type of value for the entire […]

The “right” team: Easy as turkey soup

Putting a review team together is a lot like making turkey soup – The basic concept is combining a whole bunch of stuff to get something better out the other end. And as in cooking, there’s a recipe to it (Thanks to consultant Sara Husk for the guidance): Keep the team small – Three to eight people will work, […]

Innovation: Fashionable AND relevant?

Innovation is a fashionable thing inside today’s companies. It is also irrelevant. Every company feels acutely the need to innovate, yet innovation as a core competence remains largely irrelevant because leaders can’t prove results. The collection of ideas does not lead inexorably to higher sales or fatter margins, so senior leaders support innovation conceptually, but […]

Measuring the “So What” of innovation

Innovators are under constant pressure of proving value.  Nothing does this more effectively than showing the tangible business value of your implemented innovations and innovation activities. “But,” you say, “that can take a long time, as in the case of new technologies, or not be immediately obvious with a serendipitous innovation like Post-It Notes.”  I’d […]