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Innovation chat summarized

Below you’ll find the World Innovation Forum’s recap of our Collective Intelligence luncheon featuring innovation expert and author Rowan Gibson, Chubb Chief Innovation Officer Jon Bidwell, and Jeff Pierce, senior principal engineer at Pitney Bowes. You can see our own recap here.

On processes, competitive advantage

Over at Logipi today, Sara Husk, head of Imaginatik’s professional services team, and I delve into what it means to apply collective intelligence solutions to your business processes, and in the meantime make those processes a source of competitive advantage. Logipi is a social network built around Logistics and Supply Chain Management communities.

Zebra Technologies: A case study

Dean Lodwig and Dennis Slattery from Zebra Technologies will share their innovation experiences in the printer industry. Click here for live coverage of the event

User forum Los Angeles

Imaginatik consultants Bill Truettner and Jay Jankowski begin the 2010 LA User Forum with “Best Practices for Tapping into Collective Intelligence.” Click here for live coverage of the event

Our think tank on thinking

Like many global executives, Imaginatik CEO Mark Turrell was trapped in Europe during the volcano ash drama-ette in April, spending several extra days in London. Never one to let a little setback get him down, he decided to experiment with a new idea for Imaginatik: Think Tanks. A think tank is usually defined as an […]

The crossroads of innovation

Today at Innovate On Purpose, blogger Jeffrey Philips talks to Imaginatik about where innovation is headed – science or side show? He says innovation practitioners in general have to do two things to make it a science: Demonstrate that our tools have real value (see how here) and our buyers and business partners must understand […]

FB and Twitter: Good or bad for business?

Is there a measurable benefit to allowing employees access to Facebook, Twitter and other social media? What impacts are sites such as these having on the work/life balance? As social media rises in popularity, so do risks. That’s why insurance provider Chubb is partnering with Imaginatik for a worldwide online Collective Intelligence event to dissect […]

Imaginatik rolls out Idea Central 10

Earlier this week, Imaginatik released Idea Central 10, the latest upgrade to its proprietary idea management platform that helps businesses realize the Collective Intelligence of the people inside, and often outside, their organization. Idea Central 10’s new features make it even easier for administrators to run their crowdsourcing events, and the software is fully customizable. […]

Customer Confusion – Confused Customers?

In December we were visiting a prospective corporate client in New York and we were asked a strange question. “Why do all the vendors in your [Idea Management & Innovation Management] space claim to have the same clients?” I was reminded of this today as I was going through my Google Alerts for industry news. […]

Agenda set for Imaginatik’s European Forum

The Imaginatik European Forum begins Tuesday, Feb. 2 at The Imagination Gallery in London. If you’re still on the fence on whether to attend, consider this: Speakers will highlight current trends in ideation and viral innovation Representatives from Bombardier, Pfizer, and more will talk about the latest case studies demonstrating the need for innovation and […]

Imaginatik and the Greater Good

While we are a for-profit, publicly traded company, Imaginatik has a mission to change the world for the better. We think about this mission all the time and know that we will continue to find ways to use our software, our skills and our expertise in the areas of collective intelligence and collaborative innovation to bring about real change…

What a Week!

Hi all — barely recovered from an amazing week that featured our 7th Imaginatik Global Forum in Boston.  We had more than 115 attendees from customers, prospects, analysts and partner firms.   And a great number of online attendees for our first ever live webcast of the forum.   The spirit of the place was […]