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Announcing Innovation Cloud @ BEI

Those of us on the conference circuit know the drill. You fly in, meet people, digest content, and have drinks. After several frenetic days of activity, you’re off to the next thing. Hopefully you remember all the people you met, all the stuff you learned…hopefully… It doesn’t have to be this way. Cramming activity into […]

New paths to innovation in manufacturing

Over the past several years we’ve seen a shift in the innovation efforts of traditional manufacturing companies. While new ideas typically were left to the folks in R&D, that often gave business leaders a bevy of incremental improvements and occasional, often random breakthroughs. That system is hard to manage, and hard to qualify. As more […]

How to cure world hunger

I’ve had the opportunity to design and run hundreds of ideation events on all types of topics for a variety of clients, both big and small. One constant in all of this is what I coin the “Cure World Hunger” topic. These types of topics are generally very vague and very high level, like curing […]

Defining Innovation

Here’s another favourite question to ask when I meet innovation leaders: What is your definition of Innovation? Take a minute and think of yours before you read on. It’s such a simple and obvious question, but it can be quite revealing about ambitions, alignment, focus and beliefs. There are no right or wrong answers – […]

Applying new ideas to old problems

In many towns and cities, day-to-day decisions are made by employees entrusted with overseeing the millions of dollars residents contribute to making sure their water is clean, their roads are paved or clear of snow, and their schools are staffed with the best educators available. These decisions are often made with little direct oversight by […]

Big innovation effort on a small scale

Last week, Canada’s Globe and Mail profiled a small business (200 employees) that learned an early lesson on innovation: Get everyone involved. As such, 44 percent of the employees at Desire2Learn Inc. are involved in research and development. From founder and CEO John Baker: “We try to be as supportive as possible in terms of […]

Our think tank on thinking

Like many global executives, Imaginatik CEO Mark Turrell was trapped in Europe during the volcano ash drama-ette in April, spending several extra days in London. Never one to let a little setback get him down, he decided to experiment with a new idea for Imaginatik: Think Tanks. A think tank is usually defined as an […]

Innovation in social media: RIMS 2010

You don’t get to be in business 128 years without drive, motivation, and perhaps most importantly, innovation. These qualities have kept insurance giant Chubb at the top of its game for more than a hundred years, but it’s not satisfied to rest on past successes. This thinking is what brought Chubb Chief Innovation Officer Jon […]

FB and Twitter: Good or bad for business?

Is there a measurable benefit to allowing employees access to Facebook, Twitter and other social media? What impacts are sites such as these having on the work/life balance? As social media rises in popularity, so do risks. That’s why insurance provider Chubb is partnering with Imaginatik for a worldwide online Collective Intelligence event to dissect […]

Imaginatik rolls out Idea Central 10

Earlier this week, Imaginatik released Idea Central 10, the latest upgrade to its proprietary idea management platform that helps businesses realize the Collective Intelligence of the people inside, and often outside, their organization. Idea Central 10’s new features make it even easier for administrators to run their crowdsourcing events, and the software is fully customizable. […]

Customer Confusion – Confused Customers?

In December we were visiting a prospective corporate client in New York and we were asked a strange question. “Why do all the vendors in your [Idea Management & Innovation Management] space claim to have the same clients?” I was reminded of this today as I was going through my Google Alerts for industry news. […]

Imaginatik Global Forum Starts Tomorrow

Wow, a busy day here on South Street Boston.  Customers, our UK developers, sales folk from all over all in town to meet with customers, prospects and interested members of our community.  We’ve got a great event lined up, including Wired Magazine’s Jeff Howe ( and a wide variety of customers, from major consulting firms, […]