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New paths to innovation in manufacturing

Over the past several years we’ve seen a shift in the innovation efforts of traditional manufacturing companies. While new ideas typically were left to the folks in R&D, that often gave business leaders a bevy of incremental improvements and occasional, often random breakthroughs. That system is hard to manage, and hard to qualify. As more […]

Innovation: Fashionable AND relevant?

Innovation is a fashionable thing inside today’s companies. It is also irrelevant. Every company feels acutely the need to innovate, yet innovation as a core competence remains largely irrelevant because leaders can’t prove results. The collection of ideas does not lead inexorably to higher sales or fatter margins, so senior leaders support innovation conceptually, but […]

Innovation and HR: A match made in heaven?

Human Resource Executive Online recently featured a story from The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, which uses Imaginatik’s innovation management tools to tackle weighty topics such as social media presence and brand identity. An excerpt: Indeed, within a year of implementation, and with the assistance of Boston-based technology firm Imaginatik, Chubb’s HR department set up […]

Time to find your Innovation Catapult

By Braden Kelley Now that 2011 has kicked into gear, it is time to get your innovation efforts right before the recovery. To that end, every organization should be looking to find and aim their innovation catapult. What does this mean, exactly? Well, we all know that innovation is about challenging the status quo. Because […]

To be or not to be innovative …

… IS that the question? I was asked this in a roundabout way by an internal innovation team that met some “light resistance” to its efforts from senior leaders.  Like many innovation teams, the building of an internal business case is a rite of passage for anyone wishing to initiate an innovation program in his […]

The inevitability of the Web-Footed Boomer

The mothers of invention – the big factors that will drive necessities at a global scale – are quite clear: energy and water shortages (and conflicts), aging populations with increased health care needs and fewer younger payers, rapid market and power shifts from West to East and temperate to tropic, climate change, and more. The […]

Recap: Five questions with Rowan Gibson

All last week, innovation expert and author Rowan Gibson answered our questions and offered his insight into large-scale collaboration, innovation sponsorship, and the necessary roles that have to take place before successful, positive change can occur in a business. You may access his posts in the links below, and be sure to bookmark this page. […]

Customers do the strangest things

One recent evening, while in my desk chair working on the latest and greatest open-innovation initiative, I was reminded of one of my favorite innovation stories. As the long evening hours stretched before me, a squeak in the chair became progressively worse. What started as barely a mouse squeak morphed into a shrill shriek by […]

How to cure world hunger

I’ve had the opportunity to design and run hundreds of ideation events on all types of topics for a variety of clients, both big and small. One constant in all of this is what I coin the “Cure World Hunger” topic. These types of topics are generally very vague and very high level, like curing […]

Why the suggestion box isn’t enough

Even if you do have a suggestion box, where do those suggestions go? Often, they go right into the trash. Having employees share their input on how the company is running can be a great way to get them engaged and thinking about their careers in a broad context. How does what I do fit […]

Lessons on Google Wave

When Google Wave was launched, I was pretty excited – the massive tech giant was venturing into social collaboration tools, it was bound to be great! But, I remember signing in for the first time, and thinking, “This looks cool, oooh, nice features … but, what exactly am I going to do with it”? I […]

IBM study: A less complex business future

We occupy a world that is connected on multiple dimensions, and at a deep level—a global system of systems. That means, among other things, that it is subject to systems-level failures, which require systems-level thinking about the effectiveness of its physical and digital infrastructures. So begins IBM’s recent report on a recent study of more […]