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Innovating in spite of lawyers

By Mariana Ferrari Last week I attended Imaginatik’s Leaders Forum at the NYSE. It was an outstanding meeting with a very good quality of participants and great conversations about innovation challenges. From my perspective, the most significant challenge companies in America and Europe face in regards to innovation is how to innovate in spite of […]

Unlocking innovation tech’s hidden potential

Published at this week: In the early 2000s ideas management was still heady stuff. Open innovation was hardly heard of and collaboration management was only just coming into vogue. Back then, the advent of what was, to all intents and purposes, a collaborative, online suggestion box signaled a veritable revolution in “business-as-usual” because the Internet linked […]

As Innovation Month ends …

June was designated as Innovation Month in New England, and several events hosted throughout the northeastern U.S. encouraged innovators (or aspiring innovators) to mix it up. For our part, we visited the World Innovation Forum, hosted Greenbelt training for Idea Central users, launched a new product, and attended an “innobeer” event linked to the Enterprise 2.0 […]

Innovation in social media: RIMS 2010

You don’t get to be in business 128 years without drive, motivation, and perhaps most importantly, innovation. These qualities have kept insurance giant Chubb at the top of its game for more than a hundred years, but it’s not satisfied to rest on past successes. This thinking is what brought Chubb Chief Innovation Officer Jon […]

Necessity: The mother of mobile innovation

Are companies’ best innovations always created in a cubicle or boardroom? Probably not. They strike at any time – the shower, on the way to work – and usually when people least expect it. Imaginatik recently developed a module for its Collective Intelligence software solution, Idea Central, that is designed for easier access and interaction […]

Idea Central integrates with SharePoint

By July, users of Imaginatik’s software solution, Idea Central, will be able to surface their Collective Intelligence content in Microsoft SharePoint and other content management systems. The integration is made possible by a Web API that, with a little finesse, can be applied to Microsoft’s collaboration platform and others.

FB and Twitter: Good or bad for business?

Is there a measurable benefit to allowing employees access to Facebook, Twitter and other social media? What impacts are sites such as these having on the work/life balance? As social media rises in popularity, so do risks. That’s why insurance provider Chubb is partnering with Imaginatik for a worldwide online Collective Intelligence event to dissect […]

Idea Central team talks about upgrade

Recently, members of Imaginatik’s development team talked about the new features of Idea Central 10, Imaginatik’s enterprise software solution, which was released earlier this month. From Head of Development Tim Woods: Idea Central 10, which launched last month, was the single biggest project we’ve ever undertaken in Development. We’ve completely re-written the front end interface […]

Imaginatik rolls out Idea Central 10

Earlier this week, Imaginatik released Idea Central 10, the latest upgrade to its proprietary idea management platform that helps businesses realize the Collective Intelligence of the people inside, and often outside, their organization. Idea Central 10’s new features make it even easier for administrators to run their crowdsourcing events, and the software is fully customizable. […]