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Partnering with P&G, Mead Johnson, more

Imaginatik’s 12 new customers in the first half of 2012 mark a growth in the company’s strategic service offerings, The UK Telegraph reports today. These companies include Procter & Gamble, Mead Johnson Nutrition, and the Society of Petroleum Engineers, plus two small annual deals in the UK and Spain and a pilot with a UK-headquartered global […]

Talkin’ ’bout an evolution

On Innovation Tools this week, Imaginatik’s Chris Townsend sits down with Chuck Frey to give a picture of Imaginatik’s recent past, and where it’s headed in the future. “Fifteen years ago, Imaginatik was the first company to develop enterprise idea management software, which enabled corporations to capture ideas from their employees and evaluate them in a consistent, […]

Unlocking innovation tech’s hidden potential

Published at this week: In the early 2000s ideas management was still heady stuff. Open innovation was hardly heard of and collaboration management was only just coming into vogue. Back then, the advent of what was, to all intents and purposes, a collaborative, online suggestion box signaled a veritable revolution in “business-as-usual” because the Internet linked […]

Why the suggestion box isn’t enough

Even if you do have a suggestion box, where do those suggestions go? Often, they go right into the trash. Having employees share their input on how the company is running can be a great way to get them engaged and thinking about their careers in a broad context. How does what I do fit […]

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Innovation Perspectives: Three steps

Want to get innovating right away? Last week we talked about the ways in which a non-innovative company can become more innovative. Visit Blogging Innovation for more perspectives. Innovation journeys can begin by asking yourself one question: Where do I want to be? You can add all sorts of caveats to that (Where do I […]

On processes, competitive advantage

Over at Logipi today, Sara Husk, head of Imaginatik’s professional services team, and I delve into what it means to apply collective intelligence solutions to your business processes, and in the meantime make those processes a source of competitive advantage. Logipi is a social network built around Logistics and Supply Chain Management communities.

Boston ‘experiment’ features Imaginatik CEO

Later this month, Imaginatik CEO Mark Turrell will take part in the Boston World Partnerships‘ “Odd Pairing Experiment” event. Boston Mayor Thomas M. Menino created Boston World Partnerships to help business leaders worldwide understand and access Boston’s competitive advantages. During the group’s one-year gala anniversary event, Mark will team up with Boston Globe photographer Bill Brett for a discussion […]

Computerworld tells Imaginatik story

Computerworld published an article yesterday detailing the state of affairs in Collective Intelligence, and how businesses are tapping the “wisdom of the crowds” to solve their problems. The story contains an interview with Rob Spencer of Pfizer, who uses Imaginatik’s Idea Central to solve literally hundreds of business problems.