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Innovations to be thankful for

The past year has seen some incredible new inventions that are revolutionizing our everyday lives. Before we sit down to Thanksgiving dinners this week we reflected on innovations from five different industries that showcase some of 2012’s best ideas. The Tesla Model S: Imagine your dream luxury vehicle. Now imagine that it’s emissions free. Tesla […]

Upcoming chat covers ‘real’ innovation

A recent Capgemini study said just 30% of today’s Chief Innovation Officers feel they have the necessary structure for innovation. This number could be higher, according to Imaginatik innovation advisor Sara Husk, if they just line up three key components: resources, processes and metrics. On Wednesday, Nov. 28 at 11 a.m., we’ll explore these elements […]

USAA: A study in pervasive innovation

USAA’s campus in San Antonio, Texas In USAA’s world, innovation is conducted with one goal in mind: benefit the customer. In this member-based insurance and banking organization, no idea is a bad idea – there’s a structure in place that makes an innovator out of each and every employee, and their efforts yield 95% participation. […]

Key to high tech innovation: A lean approach

When it comes to technology, Michael Davies says conventional wisdom is wrong. In a rational world, one would think that the more you spend on R&D, the more successful your product will be.  But the world and its inhabitants are not rational. Davies is the chairman of Endeavour Partners and a guest lecturer at MIT. […]

An innovation champion’s guide to success

So you’ve been appointed as an innovation champion. You’ve been tasked to help form your organization’s innovation strategy, or maybe just help carry it out, or both. Where do you start? The trouble is that innovation doesn’t come in a standard package.  It’s a unique process that must be tailored to your company’s goals in […]

Be the disrupter, not the disrupted

To Saul Kaplan, a business model is “the story of how an organization creates, delivers, and captures value.” But in today’s world of constant disruption, that static business model could also lead to an organization’s demise. Kaplan is the founder of the Business Innovation Factory and author of “The Business Model Innovation Factory,” which explores […]

COINS-operated innovation?

Paul Hobcraft’s innovation model uses three “horizons” Paul Hobcraft sees open innovation entering a new age, and he hopes a new collaborative network providing a dynamic and definitive reference guide will unlock an “Open Innovation V 2.0” era. His vision, called Collaborative for an Open Innovation System, or Project COINS, involves a virtual interactive community […]

Innovating “The Fabric of Our Lives”

The innovation story at Cotton, Incorporated used to be a familiar story – researchers innovated “by the seat of their pants” without a formalized process. Earlier this year we talked to Kristie Browning, a senior textile chemist at Cotton Inc.,about the nonprofit’s efforts in transforming the way it approaches innovation. Through an online collaboration environment […]

Spiraling INTO control

Dr. Jose Briones Dr. Jose Briones builds bridges, the kinds that close gaps when managers are faced with two uncertain ends. Briones is currently the Director of Operations for SpyroTek Performance solutions and specializes in innovation management, product development and ideation.  His approach to innovation comes from experience in R&D, marketing, and business development—a career […]

Making innovation real – free webinar

The demand for innovation is rising. Instead of seeing it as an ad hoc, grassroots effort, business leaders are becoming more engaged in developing innovative practices across their enterprise. Today’s business leaders are evolving beyond seeking “crystal ball” solutions in suggestion boxes. They want robust decision-making and portfolio management practices and tools, and the momentum […]

Announcing Innovation Cloud @ BEI

Those of us on the conference circuit know the drill. You fly in, meet people, digest content, and have drinks. After several frenetic days of activity, you’re off to the next thing. Hopefully you remember all the people you met, all the stuff you learned…hopefully… It doesn’t have to be this way. Cramming activity into […]

The War for Innovation: Free webinar, paper

Through innovation, companies and individuals have been able to reach a global scale faster than ever before, which is in turn quickening the pace of innovation.  In this cycle new technologies are arriving with increasing speed, being adopted more quickly, and, in turn, becoming obsolete more quickly. It’s a constant struggle just to keep up, […]