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Innovations to be thankful for

The past year has seen some incredible new inventions that are revolutionizing our everyday lives. Before we sit down to Thanksgiving dinners this week we reflected on innovations from five different industries that showcase some of 2012’s best ideas. The Tesla Model S: Imagine your dream luxury vehicle. Now imagine that it’s emissions free. Tesla […]

Minds collide in ‘Odd Pairings’ event

It’s a question Mark Turrell often asks when demonstrating the law of abundance: In a large group of people, what do you think the odds are that someone in the room has the same birthday as you? Scanning the crowd of 280+ people gathered at the Liberty Hotel ballroom Tuesday, Turrell asked for a show […]

Imaginatik and the Greater Good

While we are a for-profit, publicly traded company, Imaginatik has a mission to change the world for the better. We think about this mission all the time and know that we will continue to find ways to use our software, our skills and our expertise in the areas of collective intelligence and collaborative innovation to bring about real change…