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Conflicting Perspectives on Detroit

Out here at the combined annual meeting of Independent Sector and the Council of Michigan Foundations, I’m struck with the potential of Detroit to be reborn as the leaders in Wind energy and other green technologies that need to be designed by really smart people and then manufactured at scale.  Detroit’s human capital has been […]

Imaginatik and the Greater Good

While we are a for-profit, publicly traded company, Imaginatik has a mission to change the world for the better. We think about this mission all the time and know that we will continue to find ways to use our software, our skills and our expertise in the areas of collective intelligence and collaborative innovation to bring about real change…

What a Week!

Hi all — barely recovered from an amazing week that featured our 7th Imaginatik Global Forum in Boston.  We had more than 115 attendees from customers, prospects, analysts and partner firms.   And a great number of online attendees for our first ever live webcast of the forum.   The spirit of the place was […]

Howe, Carss and Turrell

Great picture of Jeff Howe, Geoff Carss and Mark Turrell. Fantastic discussion of the intersection of crowdsourcing, collective intelligence and collaborative innovation! Here’s the agenda. If you’d like to attend our live webinar, please let me know. E-mail me at If you want to follow the content on twitter, search #IMTKForum

What a crowd at the Imaginatik Global Forum!!

Wish you could all be here for today’s global forum.  Here’s a view of the audience.  It is a very full house!! Here’s the agenda. If you’d like to attend our live webinar, please let me know. E-mail me at or follow us via our twitter hashtag:  #IMTKForum    

8 Keys to Successful Idea Management

Happy to turn over the controls today to Geoff Carss, Imaginatik’s Executive Vice President, Sales and Services.  Collaborative Innovation, Idea Management and Collective Intelligence continue to be among the hottest topics in the business press these days.  But few companies can equal Imaginatik’s depth of experience — even at the simple things… Idea management (IM) […]

Video Invite to Imaginatik Global Forum

Message from Imaginatik CEO, Mark Turrell If you are interested in learning more about the Imaginatik Global Forum, please click here: .

Welcome to our Blog — Day One

Who are we? Imaginatik has been driving conversations between our customers’ employees, customers and suppliers for 10+ years.  We’ve helped them save money, develop new products, save energy, reduce waste, increase sustainability and succeed in other projects too numerous to mention. What is this blog about? In this blog, our plan is to make observations […]